domingo, 16 de enero de 2011


You're Up To No Good 
You Fool..
Remember To Never Lie To A Liar
Isin't That What You Once Told Me!
Funny How When Mistakes Are made By You There Seems To B No wrong
It Does'nt Mean That I Don't Love You It Just Means that
I Don't Feel Like Giving It My All No More
Feel Like Cruising The Streets Getting lost Just For a Little while.
In That one Way Street!
No need To Look For me..
Just Preocupied Isin't That What U Wanted?
Well Darling You Got It.
Remember I Never Offered U Perfectness With My Love
I Gave U My All!
Not Good Enough I Suppose!
It's ok Love Life may Not B Rosey But I am Ok!
No need For melodramatic Musik With This Story 
All I Want Is The Truth! 
Did You? Or Is It A Figment Of My imagination?
Remember U Will never Find Another
Heart Like Mine
So Now You Take It or You Leave It!
Up To You!

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