domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Not Missing A Beat

Each passing Day I Feel The
Time Drag on
Feeling HopeFull That Somehow
I Get to wake Up each Morning By Your Side
And The Last Thing I See Before I Close My Eyes
Will Be You..
Can't Give Up Now
In Too Deep
What If this is some sort of mind Game?
An Evil Plan to End Up Breaking My heart!
Why Did'nt I Stop When I Had The Chance?
Now I Am Too Far Gone
I Am Deep In Love
Even Hearing Ure Voice Early In The Morning Makes Me
Ure Little Remarks The Way You Make Me Dream'
What If it is Only That?
Just a Goddamn Dream!
Wake Me Up Now Don't be cruel
Can't u see I Swoon To The Rythem Of Your Steps
I Walk Next to U Not Missing A Beat!
Can Only Say one Thing..
Thank You For Motivating me To Be a Better Person
It's not easy 
Hard Road Ahead Of us!
Yet we can make it a Smoother one!
Even though we have almost Given up
Here We Are Sometimes those inner voices Want to 
Play with me!
Making me Think Irrationaly!
Still here I am standing nOt Letting go
Don't Look Back now!
Miserable Ghost's Want to scare u away!
Don't Go!
Can u Hear their evil Laugh.. their perverse thoughts
They just want to tear Us Apart!
But here I Am Not Missing a Beat
Still Breathing Every Single Detail
Of Our Love!

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