domingo, 30 de enero de 2011

Not Missing A Beat

Each passing Day I Feel The
Time Drag on
Feeling HopeFull That Somehow
I Get to wake Up each Morning By Your Side
And The Last Thing I See Before I Close My Eyes
Will Be You..
Can't Give Up Now
In Too Deep
What If this is some sort of mind Game?
An Evil Plan to End Up Breaking My heart!
Why Did'nt I Stop When I Had The Chance?
Now I Am Too Far Gone
I Am Deep In Love
Even Hearing Ure Voice Early In The Morning Makes Me
Ure Little Remarks The Way You Make Me Dream'
What If it is Only That?
Just a Goddamn Dream!
Wake Me Up Now Don't be cruel
Can't u see I Swoon To The Rythem Of Your Steps
I Walk Next to U Not Missing A Beat!
Can Only Say one Thing..
Thank You For Motivating me To Be a Better Person
It's not easy 
Hard Road Ahead Of us!
Yet we can make it a Smoother one!
Even though we have almost Given up
Here We Are Sometimes those inner voices Want to 
Play with me!
Making me Think Irrationaly!
Still here I am standing nOt Letting go
Don't Look Back now!
Miserable Ghost's Want to scare u away!
Don't Go!
Can u Hear their evil Laugh.. their perverse thoughts
They just want to tear Us Apart!
But here I Am Not Missing a Beat
Still Breathing Every Single Detail
Of Our Love!

miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

Unicamente Esto Te Pido

Unicamente te Pido
K Kada Momento Ke Kompartamos Juntos Sea
Una Nueva Aventura...
Ke El Amor Nunka Se Apague
Y La Pasion Vaya Kreciendo Kada Dia Ke Pase
Me Veo A Tu Lado Desde La Primer Luz Del Dia
Asta Ke El Cielo Se Komiensa Aser Oskuro..
Unicamente Te Pido
Vivir A Tu Lado Kon Armonia
Y Kon Mucho Mas Amor De El K Ya Ay!

Alma Barillas 2011

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011


Nunka e podido enkontrar el final de ese Arcoiris..... Solo vi komo se disminuian los kolores... No alkanse a llegar al Final....
Nunka e podido enkontrar la paz ke necesito.... Siempre Enkuentro Guerras... K me destruyen Un poko maz.....
Siempre Buske una verdadera Amiga ke nunka me dejara kaer sola.... La enkontre pero al final me dio la espalda por un poko de placer artificial....
Y buske Una Rosa negra perfect para sekar ..... No la enkontre solo enkontre las espinas ke kortaron mis manos asta sangrar....
Solo voy enkontrando las kosas ke no busko ni buske pero ke aser?
Seguir Buskando o esperar ke llegen las kosas solas siempre dicen ke asi debe de ser pero ya me aburri de tanto esperar siento ke nunka llegara...
 Buske komo llegar a el para ke nos fueramos Juntos a ese mundo ke aviamos Kriado pero nunka lo enkontre en el kamino... lo uniko ke logre fue seguir Sufriendo por los klavos ke penetraban mis pies ensangrentados......
Las kosas son tan simples y sencillas asi komo las konstruimos ....enveses las decisiones ke tomamos son vasos de veneno ke los matan lentamente o pueden ser te's de Sabiduria para ensenarnos para no volver a kometer los mismos errores......
Yo e bebido de los dos estoy Intoxikada se ke los dos likidos Korren por mis venas se ke por eso es ke sigo aki ..... Tengo lo mejor y lo peor k aser.....
Buskar y Buskar

Alma Barillas 2006

miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Pense Pero No Lo Suficiente

Me Puse a Kaminar Sin Pensar Dos Veces
Tome Pasos Apresurados
Ke Ni El Polvo Ke Soltaban Se Veia
Vole Lejos Sin Pensarlo Lo Suficiente
Vi Angeles Blancos Donde Vestian De Negro
Pense Ke Todo Se Miraba de Mil Kolores
Pero La Realidad Eske Todo Era De Kolor Gris kon Negro
No Pense No Pense
Krei Ke Avia Enkontrado La Salvacion 
Ke Equivokada Estoy En La Boka Del Lobo..
Me Kome Sin Pasion
No Entiende Ke Lo Vi Vestido De Angel?
Ke Krei En El
Ver Para Atras No Era Opcion!
Pero No Lo Pense Suficiente!
Segui Kaminando Planinado 
Mientras El Silenciosamente Bebia De Mi Torpez..
Komo Salgo De Ayi?
Escapar De Una Solo Una Ves!

Alma Barillas 2011

If Only For A Moment

For a Brief Moment It Felt So Right...
Everything Was So Diffrent.. Life,Goals,Feelings..
Even The Kolor Of The Sky Was Just The Perfect Shade Of Blue
Yeah For That Brief Second
Everything Around Me Felt So Right!
It Feels Like I Went To Get My Eyes Checked By The Doctor
Yeah That Damn Doctor Full Of Intrigue.. 
And Ended Up With A Complete Physical And Mental Check Up
Now The Roads Seem Much Harder To Drive Thru
The Sky is Gray The Sun Is Hidden
Is There Any Way I Can Go Back?
Can I Feel That Serene Kalmness Just For a Brief Moment Again..
Cold Truth.. I Am Back to Square One!
Having Second Thoughts
Second Guessing My Actions
Am I Wrong to Feel This Way?
Why Did It Have To Happen Like This?
If Only For A Moment I Need To Feel like All I Am Pushing Myself Into
Is Right.. It Felt Right a Kouple Of Seconds Ago..
Why Does It Feel Useless At This Moment?
Drifting Thoughts,Wasted Stories,Dreams Turning Into Nightmares..
Sleepless Nights...
It Would Have Been Better To Stay Blind Just For Today...
I Blame No One But The Doctor
Or Is It All Me?
Let's be Honest Why Fight This?
Why Walk That Mountain Top?
Do You Really Feel Like Falling? Do You Expect me To Catch You?
If Only For This Moment
Let's Say I Am.. But Give Me A Good Reason Not To Let You Die!
Put The Rope On That Faith Should I Just Hang it And Watch It Die!
Never Wish For Something That Can Become A Reality!
Still Blaming All This on That Inprompt Visit I Made..
To That Too Honest Doctor.. He Made Me See Again Took That Invisible Blind Fold Off
Why Did He? Does he Have An instant Kure To All My Questions?
Suppose It Might be That he Made Me See Clearer!
Those Evil Dark And Grey's Are Back
It's Time To Welcome My Inner Demons Back..
Admiting Time
I've Missed Them So.. 

Alma  Barillas 2011

domingo, 16 de enero de 2011


You're Up To No Good 
You Fool..
Remember To Never Lie To A Liar
Isin't That What You Once Told Me!
Funny How When Mistakes Are made By You There Seems To B No wrong
It Does'nt Mean That I Don't Love You It Just Means that
I Don't Feel Like Giving It My All No More
Feel Like Cruising The Streets Getting lost Just For a Little while.
In That one Way Street!
No need To Look For me..
Just Preocupied Isin't That What U Wanted?
Well Darling You Got It.
Remember I Never Offered U Perfectness With My Love
I Gave U My All!
Not Good Enough I Suppose!
It's ok Love Life may Not B Rosey But I am Ok!
No need For melodramatic Musik With This Story 
All I Want Is The Truth! 
Did You? Or Is It A Figment Of My imagination?
Remember U Will never Find Another
Heart Like Mine
So Now You Take It or You Leave It!
Up To You!