miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

If Only For A Moment

For a Brief Moment It Felt So Right...
Everything Was So Diffrent.. Life,Goals,Feelings..
Even The Kolor Of The Sky Was Just The Perfect Shade Of Blue
Yeah For That Brief Second
Everything Around Me Felt So Right!
It Feels Like I Went To Get My Eyes Checked By The Doctor
Yeah That Damn Doctor Full Of Intrigue.. 
And Ended Up With A Complete Physical And Mental Check Up
Now The Roads Seem Much Harder To Drive Thru
The Sky is Gray The Sun Is Hidden
Is There Any Way I Can Go Back?
Can I Feel That Serene Kalmness Just For a Brief Moment Again..
Cold Truth.. I Am Back to Square One!
Having Second Thoughts
Second Guessing My Actions
Am I Wrong to Feel This Way?
Why Did It Have To Happen Like This?
If Only For A Moment I Need To Feel like All I Am Pushing Myself Into
Is Right.. It Felt Right a Kouple Of Seconds Ago..
Why Does It Feel Useless At This Moment?
Drifting Thoughts,Wasted Stories,Dreams Turning Into Nightmares..
Sleepless Nights...
It Would Have Been Better To Stay Blind Just For Today...
I Blame No One But The Doctor
Or Is It All Me?
Let's be Honest Why Fight This?
Why Walk That Mountain Top?
Do You Really Feel Like Falling? Do You Expect me To Catch You?
If Only For This Moment
Let's Say I Am.. But Give Me A Good Reason Not To Let You Die!
Put The Rope On That Faith Should I Just Hang it And Watch It Die!
Never Wish For Something That Can Become A Reality!
Still Blaming All This on That Inprompt Visit I Made..
To That Too Honest Doctor.. He Made Me See Again Took That Invisible Blind Fold Off
Why Did He? Does he Have An instant Kure To All My Questions?
Suppose It Might be That he Made Me See Clearer!
Those Evil Dark And Grey's Are Back
It's Time To Welcome My Inner Demons Back..
Admiting Time
I've Missed Them So.. 

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